Which first 4?

I’ve done a few dozen live mocks (Full PPR 11 spot) and find myself starting similarly every time… a few examples are:

1.) Gordon, Fournette, Tyreek Hill (or Baldwin), Royce Freeman (or Alex Collins)
2.) OBJ, Gordon, Freeman, Collins

The outcome depends on who falls to me obviously but I can almost guarantee Gordon falls to me in the first… I guess my question is which combination do you like better in full PPR? starting off 2 good RB then going with R.Freeman and the best WR available at the 3/4 turn or starting with Gordon and a stud WR then going with Collins and R.Freeman at the 3/4 turn? there is a very minor concern that Freeman gets taken before end of the 3rd in which case the alternative is reaching on L.Miller. I’ve toyed with going Gordon, WR, Collins (or Freeman), WR but I don’t like the way my team turns out and generally I find the WR value in rounds 5-8 can be just as good as the 3/4 turn outside of like the occasional Hill or Baldwin. Any advice?

I was in a draft at with the 11 spot on Saturday. I took Hopkins at 11. Followed that up with Gordon.

After that you just play the waiting game. This was a strange draft because there wasn’t a roster spot for TE. So Gronk was still there for me in the 3rd. Followed that up with Diggs. Also odd for him to be there so late because guys were nabbing QB’s extremely early.

The WR pool is deep this season. I don’t see anything wrong with going RB, RB if you see #1 value in both guys. Otherwise, I’d go with best WR, then best back…(Gordon, CMC, Mixon). RB’s are limited, so it would be advantageous to grab one early. Also, Gronkowski is going to be a monster this season.

You won’t get Gronk in the late 3rd in any normal 12 team league lol… you’re lucky to get him back of the 2nd. Diggs has fallen to me occassionally in the back of the 3rd and I do take him there when that happens but generally it’s one of T.Hill, or Baldwin that I’ll take… after those guys I’m looking at DT, Arob, and a bunch of mediocrity and I’d rather wait on guys like Goodwin or Hogan. Also, Mixon hasn’t fallen to me in the back of the 3rd once since July. Mixon, Howard etc are early 3rd round backs… R.Freeman, A.Collins, K.Drake, J.Ajayi, L.Miller are what you’re looking at for RB at the 3/4 turn 99% of the time.

Key point - there wasn’t a roster spot for TE and it was a standard scoring league. Those guys were chasing QB’s for some reason in the first 2 rounds.