Which Garbage TE do i pick up?

Sigh so my poor team lost engram for at least a couple of weeks after starting 0-3, with Fournette and Shady both being beat up this year and now it looks like keenan allen might miss this week im trouble and need to take a flyer on a TE

14 team 1/2 PPR league, the best options on waivers are Goedert, dissley, ASJ, RSJ, Gates, or Brate

I think I might be in trouble :rofl:

I’d check to see which team is worse against the TE but Dissley and RSJ feel like the best bets in my eyes

Look for how many targets/receptions they’re getting. Even if the point totals are low (and the all probably are) that will make it more clear who is getting the opportunity.

I like the upside of RSJ. He is immensely talented and rookie QBs tend to lean on the TE.

I’d go with RSJ. You don’t feel great about it but he’s seeing the snaps in the game. Hopefully Rosen ignites some passion into that offense as well.

that was kinda who I was leaning, brate is losing snap count to OJ who is just more talented and im not comfortable with ASJ or Dissley and we have already seen twice this year that a rookie coming in can
light up a offense for at least one game, hopefully engram will be back a game after this…