Which got the better side of this trade

Team 1 receives OBJ and Duke Johnson

Team 2 receives Nick Chubb and Jarvis Landry

I would have to say this is pretty even. Im not super high on the browns and I believe Duke is just a pass catching back on a team who does not pass to the RB. OBJ is always a threat to put up 30 points. Nick Chubb’s usage is not what i expected it to be especially for a back end first round pick early 2nd. Honestly I dont even know what to make of Landry. Hopefully with the Njoku injury Baker will remember he is there again. Hope this helps.

Thanks. I didn’t put the full details either was just wondering what opinions were on the straight up deal.

I got Cubb and Landry in the deal. my other RBs are Josh Jacobs, Tevin Coleman and Miles Sanders and my other WR are Devante Adams, Tyreek Hill, John Ross, Marquise Brown, Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk. Its a 4 keeper league if you are wondering how I had 3 top 10 WRs and no RBs… I was hoping to trade hill and one of my lower WR for a RB but had to take the OBJ offer.

The interesting thing is we play each other this week.