Which Group of 4 is Best ROS




Full PPR, thanks again.

Bumping – if Mike Williams is only going to get 2 catches a game, and McLaurin now has Haskins throwing to him, and Curtis Samuel is what he is, thinking I’d be foolish to trade away either of 2 reliable WRs in Godwin or Julio for Kamara, even if it gives me 3 great options at RB.

So am I overreacting, as usual? Would it still be better to stack the RBs (and if so, which WR to trade) or stay with the balance I have?

id prefer the 2 RB1’s and 2 WR1s over 3 RB1s

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Yeah, I think I’m leaning that way too, 2 WR1s/2 RB1s over 1 WR1/3 RB1s - I don’t mind being a little thin at WR but that’s shaping up to be more than that. But still can be convinced otherwise I guess.

I’m going Cook Carson Godwin julio


I have CMC and Saquon, Godwin and no other reliable WR. Its been working out well so far because im picking the right D and QB streamers but its been a sweat man. Ive been trying to deal for another WR1 or high end 2 but no one in my league wants to hand me the ship :joy:

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I can understand that, I’m in 2nd right now and playing 1st place this week and I’m trying to get things set to make a title run. Deadline is tomorrow. Thought McLaurin or Williams would break through, plus having Waller be just like an extra WR, but looking more and more like that’s not going to happen and I’d be sacrificing depth if I traded Godwin or Julio – like it won’t balance out enough.

Yeah, seeming more like getting Kamara won’t make up for the points lost by giving up Godwin or Julio, and I know the Kamara owner won’t take anyone else, not without practically stripping my team bare.

I mean I could see the argument with wanting 3 RB1’s, if one goes down and you cant grab that handcuff you can stuill patch together a championship team with the supply of good WR’s that can put up points in the league, its jut choosing them is a crap shoot.

Plus, it’s not just that it’s 3 RB1’s that’s making this more difficult, it’s that it’s the 3 RB1’s in question. And I do have Mattison as the handcuff for Cook. But yeah, can see the argument that it’s better to have the balance.

I’m still going the last option. Kamara is elite while Godwin is just very good. Who will be your WR2? I have a feeling that whoever it is + Kamara will net you more pts than your flex and Godwin without Kamara.

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My other WRs are Mike Williams, McLaurin and Curtis Samuel, my other RBs are Miles Sanders, Gore and Mattison. Probably McLaurin would be my WR2 if Godwin or Julio are traded. I also have Herndon as another TE, that might finally be something.

Also neither Cook nor Carson has had a bye yet, so without Kamara my RBs will likely be Cook/Sanders Week 11 and Carson/Sanders Week 12.

Had some time to crunch a couple of numbers based on Rbins40’s statement above.

McLaurin at FLEX + Godwin: 32.87 ppg projected ROS between the two
McLaurin at FLEX + Julio: 34.12 ppg projected ROS
McLaurin at WR2 + Kamara: 34.56 ppg projected ROS

Taking McLaurin out: Godwin 19.44 ppg ROS, Julio 20.69 ppg, Kamara 21.1 ppg

So that’s that then.