Which is the most fair?

Cooper Kupp for Rudolph

Or Moncrief for Rudolph

choice C: a ham sandwich for Rudolph, because that’s what he’s worth…but if I had to choose between those two Kupp for Rudolph is more equitable for both sides.


I would say Moncrief for Rudolph.

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I would rather do Moncrief for Rudolph if I am the Moncrief owner, but I think he’s asking which one is more fair for the Rudolph owner

I realize that, but I believe Moncrief. It’s really close though.

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Also this other owner is only going to need rudolph for this week, he has a top 5 TE, i think moncrief would still be safe because he will likely drop rudolph later —i forgot to mention he lives in minneapolis and could be influenced by that :slight_smile: