Which keeper

I can either keep Marvin Jones in the 11th round, or cooper kupp in the 13th. Keep this year and next, which one has more value over the next 2 years? .75 ppr 12 man, start 3 wr.

i lean MJ.

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i lean kupp. i see an increase in receptions for him with a nice safe floor. i have him around 70-75 receptions, for 1000+ yards, and 8 TDs. marvin jones is much harder to figure out. his receptions, yards, TDs, YPR, all of them are in flux. i like the chances of jones doing well, and i will take him over many. but kupp has the value in the 13th, and he has what i see as a safe floor.

I lean Jones. In the 11th he’s solid value and while I like Kupp I’d prefer Jones as a keeper.