Which lousy QB do you prefer?

Im in a 14 man league and drafted Luck before he retired. I of course didn’t draft a backup. Right now Im set to drop Luck for Dalton (wavier wire is SLIM)! Would the clan drop Anthony Miller now for Brissett, or hang tight to my WR depth hoping I can trade someone to a team who has QB depth?

My roster:
RB: D Cook, C Carson, L Murray, R Penny, A Mattison
WR/TE*: D Adams, R Woods, J Gordon, C Samuel, G Allison, A Miller
*we’re not required to start TEs

I would actually take Brissett over Dalton without Green being there the first few weeks. Indy just has far more weapons to throw too and a much better O-line. I think Brissett can finish top 20 this year now that he’s had 3 years to learn the offense

My only concern is starting the unknown over a QB who i dont love, but could be OK under a new HC and offensive system