Which of these offers should I take for Beckham in full ppr Dynasty?

I really need a rb, my best rb is Mack. I just traded Michel for Thielen.

  1. Beckham and my 2020 1st round pick for CMC. This is the one I am leaning towards.

  2. Beckham for Aaron Jones, James Washington, and 2020 2nd AND 3rd round picks.

  3. Beckham and my 1st round 2020 pick for Adams?

Thanks in advance!

Keep OBJ, or trade him straight up for a top RB if you are that desperate. No way iā€™m adding a 2020 1st to OBJ. No player is worth that much (at least not in my rankings)

Try to make it a 2nd for CMC. McCaffrey caught more balls than almost all wide receivers and will be a an absolute force for many years. Go get CMC my friend.

All are over pays and I struggle to see how 3 helps your RB situation

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Totally pass on 2 & 3. They are not good at all IMHO for this trade. CMC would be great, but OBJ & a 1st is much too steep. I would keep OBJ and have a stack at WR. Look at adding to the RB next season. IMHO, you will either have Thielen as your top WR or Mack as your top RB, they are a push. Having CMC or OBJ does not will just make one stronger while weakening the other. If that makes sense.

I definitely think CMC is a great back and one to target, but giving up OBJ plus is not really worth it. Just my two cents, but in the end I am not sure how this trade affects anything unless you are just a bigger fan of CMC than OBJ. If that owner does not come down off of his 2020 1st throw in, I would bail on the trade.