Which of these Rounds 1-4 "core" selections is better?

For my ESPN 12-team standard league, I’m doing mocks in FantasyPro’s Draft Wizard and I end up with two different but equally enticing routes based on who I pick at 1.05. Are either of these noticeably superior to the other, both are good, or both terrible? What changes would you make?

Selection 1: I take AB at 1.05

  • R1: Antonio Brown
  • R2: AJ Green or Davante Adams
  • R3: Alex Collins (sometimes Jordan Howard falls here, who I’d take)
  • R4: Jay Ajayi/Lamar Miller

Selection 2: I take Saquon Barkley (or best RB available) at 1.05

  • R1: Saquon Barkley (sometimes David Johnson falls here who I’d take)
  • R2: AJ Green or Davante Adams
  • R3: J.Howard > Diggs > Baldwin
  • R4: Jay Ajayi/Lamar Miller

And for the record if I have Davante Adams I may just stack him with Aaron Rodgers if he’s available at pick 5.05. Otherwise I take best RB/WR available at 5.05, and grab Cam Newton at 6. If I have Diggs I will consider getting BPA at round 6 and take Kirk Cousins in round 7 but whatever

I like the second selection, personally. However, I don’t envision jordan howard making to the 3rd round in a live 12 team draft, and Aaron Rodgers definitely won’t be there in the 5th. Your best bet is to either go Saquon in the first then green/adams in the second or to go brown in the first followed by howard/mixon/freeman/mckinnon in the second.

Selection 2 is better, I would also add that aj and adams could both be picked prior to your 2nd round pick.

rd1 saquon
rd2 gronk
rd3 diggs

wouldn’t be a bad start…

I like selection 2. This year, RBs are at a premium. You don’t get top tier RBs as your RB1 and RB2, you’re going be riding the waivers all year. Its all about getting a couple workhorses and building depth later because in rounds 2-5, you can easily get WRs of the same caliber. Personally, I’d go with Kamara, Fournette or even Gordon over Barkley. I know he’ll be great, but those three will a) be available at 1.05, b) not fall to you in the 2nd round, and c) already have a proven track record of being great. I’d go one of the 3 first, then Allen or Thomas if one of the falls to you, otherwise go RB again 2nd then WRs in rds 3 and 4. Don’t reach for Gronk in the 2nd or 3rd unless there are truly no top tier WRs or RBs available.

I find that if that’s the case, then Devonta Freeman or Jordan Howard are there and I just go RB-RB, take Diggs and Allen Robinson rounds 3-4