Which of these two trades would you accept

I got offered two different 2-for1 trades for the same two players for mine in a standard league. Which, if any, would you accept or would you decline both?

Thielen + Michel for Devonta Freeman
Thielen + Michel for Damien Williams

I should add that My other RB’s are Singletary, Jeff Wilson, Mark Ingram(just got in a trade), and Carlos Hyde

I think you’re winning both those trades. Buying low on both Sony and Theilen. Their value will never be lower. I would probably ship out Damien Williams. If I read this correctly and they are trying to obtain your RB.

Now that tevin Coleman is back , Jeff Wilson will likely be back on the practice squad which means back to the waiver wire for him

So you’d accept the trade to receive Williams? I’m the one giving up Thielen and Michel.

Oh I see, I think I read that opposite. No I would not take Williams or Freeman for those two you’re sending. I would aim higher, for those two you should be getting a RB1 right now. And again if you own Theilen and Sony, their value right now is at an all time low so you’d be better off holding onto them until they have a big game then sell higher instead of selling low for guys who haven’t done very well yet this season.

Williams will still likely be in a timeshare with Shady and the whole Atlanta offense has be underperforming unless your name is Austin Hooper. We’ve already seen Michele and Theilen have incredible value in the past. It just matters what you think about their sustainability once they eventually have a good game. If you’re frustrated and you think they aren’t going to do well this year then I would wait until they have a bigger game and trade then on a high note to recoup the value to likely spent in the draft obtaining them.

It’s worth mentioning that my other WR’s are Hill, McLaurin, Diontae Johnson, Hardman, and Golden Tate

I don’t think either of those trades are good for you. Freeman & Williams are not that much of an upgrade over Michel, if at all.

I’d pass on both trades, I think the Vikes will start to throw some more, be patient with Thielen!

Can you let me know your thoughts on my trade question? Thanks.