Which one of these RBs do I drop?

I have to drop 1, who do I drop?
Kerryon Johnson
Alfred Morris
Sony Michel
Aaron Jones

I’d drop Alf.

Kerryon, Sony, and A-Jo all have upside for different reasons.

Between Sony and Alf for me…I’d go Sony. Alf has a less crowded backfield. Plus, you ought to know quickly if Alf is going to be worth it. If not, you probably will be able to cut him for Michel. Less likely Michel goes off this week, imo.

Do we really think Kerryon is gonna be the “MY GUY” they say he will be though? his backfield is pretty crowded as well

I’d be lying if I said I felt no apprehension about Kerryon; but I feel 10x’s better about him than Sony.

I don’t feel super strong about Alf over Michel. If you have a feeling about Sony, I’d be fine with bailing on Alf. But I think Kerryon is going to be something.

Normally i would dump a patriots RB in a heart beat but something about Sony makes me wanna hold on to him… I don’t feel like they would have used a 1st rounder on him if they didnt have some ideas… im guessing ill wind up dropping morris…

Thanx for the help footclan

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Depends what you need.

If you are despearate for production right now, you have to drop one of Jones/Kerryon. But if you aren’t looking to start any of the above, Michel/Kerryon/Jones are easy keeps. All have league winning upside if they hit. I would rank them as follows:

Michel > kerryon > Jones.

I need to drop 1 to pick up a kicker… lol… Its a stupid thing to have to do cause kickers suck but i gotta do it lol

If that’s the case and you don’t need them to start, I’d drop Alf.