Which one to keep ROS?

Please help me rank who to keep the rest of the season or trade away
1 Being strong keep and 4 being likely to trade

Out of Philip Lindsay, Adrian Peterson, Calvin Ridley, Marvin Jones

edit* Sorry forgot to say it’s standard

I would want to rid Lindsay or AP out of that list personally. And now is probably as solid a time as ever to offboard either of them.

yeah I dont see lindsay being amazing ros

I’d cash in for AP and Lindsey if possible, maybe getting an upgraded RB back for ROS - no issues using a guy like Ridley to package with either one to get it done.

Jones i’d hold on to as that upside play if you need it, he gets enough consistent targets to offer that weekly long TD ceiling.

Trade AP and Ridley asap in my view, hold Jones and trade Lindsey after this week i can see a good game for him against KC.

I sort of saw him as a lighter version of Chris Thompson no?

I’m trying to trade for Jordan Howard with this guy and he wants Lamar Miller and one more player. I have solid depth in both WR/RB. Would you consider packaging Miller with AP or Lindsey?

I’d trade AP and Miller for Howard. Give you room to pickup an high upside WR off the waivers as well.

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Yeah i’d be happy with that, pick up some upside or if you have the space to cope and he’s not owned a speculative add of Foreman would be interesting. Week 6 he’s back, but hold for a couple of weeks and see what he is? He could not be the same after the injury if so cut and move on, but if he eats into Millers touches and takes over by say week 10 you’ve traded away a 32 year old RB and a eventual back up RB for a starting low end RB1 ROS and picked up a starter from the wire.

If he’s not there upside guy is fine. Or if this guy will take Miller and Ridley find another RB needy team for AP and try and get a WR back 1 for 1.

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