Which one to start this week?

Drew brees or Carson wentz??

Brees is on the road and he sometimes has trouble when traveling. Wentz is at home, prime time and he has been on fire lately. With that said, josh Norman is back for Washington and the redskins defense has been solid. To me, this feels like a let down game for the eagles. Or a “trap” game if you will. Brees is playing a poor greenbay defense who is giving up just about 28 points per game. Rodgers absence also has to be factored in here. If the saints get a sizeable lead early, the packers offense won’t be able to come back and the game might be primarily garbage time, and not in the way you’d like for drew Brees. Personally, I think Brees is the better play this week based on the projected outcomes of the two games. Neither is a bad play this week though.

Thank you it will help in my decision