Which one would you choose

Rest of year OBJ or Emanuel sanders?

I honestly need more reps for both but the Bills look hot and Sanders gets open and its hard to cover Diggs, Beasley, Sanders, Knox and I think they have John Brown. Kinda feel like the other foot is going to drop on the Bills soon. And Baker playing with the weak side labrum injury could limit the Browns although they are playing him so it could be okay.

Seems like without Landry, OBJ should be something. I would still lean Sanders though. He’s establishing himself in the offense with consistent targets and quality targets (deep).

I lean sanders. Though, if this week vs the chief is an explosion, I’d trade him

Baker playing through partially torn labrum is another strike for OBJ

Not his throwing arm though


OBJ is talented but either hurt or crying. No thanks.

Obj too risky. Sanders has alot of good potential there