Which pair would you have? A. B. or C.?

A. Kamara and Mixon
B.Melvin Gordon and Mixon
C. Kamara and Melvin Gordon

Rest of season, standard league and why?

C for sure

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For standard? B.

Mainly because i feel Kamara is more of the pass-catching back to Ingrams bruiser work, and in standard league RB’s don’t get points for receptions or reception yards correct? Not sure, don’t play standard.

Mixon and Gordon feel like they fill that bell-cow role better for a standard league

You get points for each, no points for the catch

Oh, then in that case yeah, C like @tlp27 said.

Mixon is a great back, a solid RB1, but Gordon and Kamara are 2 of the top 3. Can’t beat that.

I only fear the Gordon injury lingering and that makes me want to say A…