Which piece of human garbage do I start? Drake or Moore?

I have Golladay on bye, so here is my lineup:

QB: Dak
RB: J Robinson
WR: Kupp
WR: Woods
TE: Schultz
Flex: Moore
Flex: David Johnson

Damien Harris

I just don’t see how I possibly start Drake after what he’s done so far. I’m 4-0 DESPITE starting him all 4 weeks so far.

Damien Harris will get all the touches this week

That’s a tough sell. Harris? I don’t know. I mean I will say if he DOES have a good week, I’ll be packaging him with Drake and making a mega-trade. That’s for sure. I have ZERO faith in NE RBs.

I mean it’s tough, but I would say Moore. I feel confident that he’ll at least be on the field the whole game especially against Atl. Especially in a ppr format. Even though their lack of faith in both.

I have to agree. I looked, and Moore is getting 47% of the air yards in Carolina, which is huge. The opportunity is there. He just needs to keep developing chemistry with his new QB.

This could be the DJ Moore blowup week.

Agreed. I’m sticking with Moore. If he fails me again, I have plenty of depth.

I’m a Moore owner as well. I’d sell him for the right price, but we’d be selling him so low right now. Hopefully this is the get right week.

I think there will for sure be another sell high window on him…but then I don’t know if I’ll want to :joy: