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Which players to keep?


Hi, I’m in a 12 team standard scoring keeper league where each team gets 6 keepers. I’ve already locked in Jordan Howard, Lamar Miller, Des Bryant & AJ Green as four of my keepers but of the following list, who would you keep as the remaining two…

Jamis Winston, Ameer Abdullah, Eddie Lacy, Rob Kelley, Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, Corey Coleman, Devante Parker, Jamison Crowder, Malcolm Mitchell or Martellus Bennett?

Thanks in advance for the replies!!


6 keepers?!?! Might as well make it a dynasty at that point!!

Assuming no penalty for any of the keepers, I’m going Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill from that list.

Reasoning: I definitely wouldn’t keep Winston, Mitchell, Parker, or Bennett. Potential upside with Crowdah and Coleman. Kelley has some uncertainty with Perinne behind him now. I guess it also depends which other RBs would be available if you didn’t keep 1 of Abdullah/Lacy/Kelley. That said, maybe I just talked myself into a Hill/Lacy keep.


Very nice breakdown … but totally confusing at the end.

I think Adams for sure and I WANT Hill, but better choice is probably Lacy or Abdullah.


Completely agree on Hill and Adams. Young & talented players that have great potential this season and the upcoming ones.


I would lean Parker for the upside he has since you already have 2 solid steady producers. I would swing for the fences and Parker has WR1 upside that only Adams can match. Depends on what you can start I would go with Abdullah with the second keeper so you have 3 and 3


i take upside guys here. you already have your top RBs and WRs, so take the potential. if its me, i split between an RB and a WR. which means i go lacy and hill. if you just want tremendous depth, im going crowder and hill. in any keeper i usually ignore QB and TEs. even the top guys. especially when you have such good talent at RB and WR still. the only ones im really ignoring completely off of this list are kelley, and mitchell. after that you really cant go wrong with any kind of strategy. but again if its me, im taking the potential all day long.


Hill has as much upside as Adams or Parker.


You and Hill… haha


Not with Alex Smith and Andy Reid there I don’t think…


haha hey when i see upside, it doesnt change from post to post.

smith i agree with, andy reid i dont. reid has had some explosive offenses. see donovan mcnab and michael vick. he tools his westcoast offense to his QB. right now that means 10 yard dink and dunks, which i do agree lessens hills value. but again thats only this year, and in keeper or dynasty you have to look forward too. hill has the potential to do great things, even this year. he can hit 90 receptions for 1000 yards and 10 TDs this year. now granted, that number can also go 70 for 700 and 4 TDs. but when he already has 2 top 10 WRs locked up, he can take a flyer on boom guy with all the potential in the world.


Do you not view Parker as a boom guy as well? I def think Hill is safer than Parker for sure, Parker just has physical tools that not a ton of guys have in an offense that his position under Gase is highly utilized.


i do, but with a much lower floor than hill. because he had gase last year, and still didnt do much. as a rookie hill out performed parker. to me that says a lot when nothing has really changed for parker, except for another year in this offense. parker could become a 70 reception, 1100 yard monster. but so can hill. and i really do think hill has an easier road to that kind of year.


I def agree his floor is lower, I also think his ceiling is higher. I kinda think it’s splitting hairs when you already have Dez and AJ too. ha. wish I had that problem


So much feedback, I love it haha! You guys have helped a lot… this is actually a league I joined this year after someone backed out so I took over their team. I actually traded for AJ Green which eased this keeper situation a little more but as for the two remaining… I REALLY like Hill, it’s just that I don’t see the upside with Alex Smith as his qb unless it’s coming off kick returns. I he’s that 3200yds/20td guy which is fine for a qb but for the receiving end, I don’t think he’s ever even had an 1,100 yard receiver (definitely not a 1,200 yard one) and that scares me. Adams has the upside with what he accomplished last season and A-Rod can make that happen again. As for the rb’s, I’m a fan of Abdullah I think this really could be his year but from what I hear coming out of Seahawks camp… Lacy is looking determined to get back to form and that can be huuuuge. So far I’m leaning Adams/Lacy but Hill/Abdullah is intriguing too hahaha. Let’s see if anyone can tip the scales for me lol