Which playoff defense are you targeting?


Currently have broncos as playoff defense


That Titans defense is getting better and they play Jax, NYG, and Was in 14, 15, 16. That’s not a bad draw at all.

Titans all the way. I just picked them up to stack with the Chargers bc I don’t want to chargers D at Pit wk 13 and definitely not KC in wk 15.

ya titans look gooooooooooood

Yeah Titans look good, but also can’t go wrong with Broncos either since they have @SF, Cle and Oak weeks 14-16.

Look into the Patriots. I believe they get Buffalo and NYJets weeks 15, 16

Pats week 14-16 in order; Dolphins, Steelers & Bills
You’ll need a week 15 filler

Correction they get MIA, PIT, and BUF for weeks 14, 15, 16.

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and jets next week

I’m personally platooning Pats and Bengals(Oak offense) for playoffs. Hoping to snag another option for week15 is one presents itself.