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Which position do I need to upgrade more?

Trying to figure out what the best way to draft would be to suit my team needs. I have picks 1.01 and 1.10 in my dynasty league’s rookie draft.

Miles Sanders
Chris Carson
Derrius Guice
Darrell Henderson
Malcolm Brown

Tyreek Hill
Stefon Diggs
D.K. Metcalf
Sammy Watkins
Larry Fitzgerald

My RBs needed depth badly a while ago until Gurley got traded lol. That should open up work for Henderson and Brown a lot.

Basically trying to decide, would it be better to draft a RB first or a WR first? I’m assuming RB first since the WR position is deeper. I really like Denzel Mims as a prospect and could pick him at 1.10. I can’t trade my picks in the offseason.

If you have the 1.01, you gotta take a rb for sure, either taylor or swift based on landing spot. Then at the 1.10 I’d take a WR, probably going to have a lot of different options at that pick

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Dont draft based on need draft based on best available option. You can always move players later in trades to fill the void of need. So 1.01 deff a running back as they will be the best option depending on which of the big 3 gets the landing spot but at 1.10 see what falls maybe your league loves the young qbs/wr and some one like dobbins falls. I would draft both rbs and flip for the wr later if needed.

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