Which QB and D/ST streamers are the best plays this week?

So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’m not playing Big Ben against the Ravens, and I’m still waiting on Aaron Rodgers to come back from IR. Thus, I need a QB streamer for the week. Guys currently sitting on my FA are…

Garoppolo @ HOU
Winston vs DET
McCown @ DEN
Gabbert vs TEN

I also need a D/ST for this week. My league scores D/STs weird and gives 2 points for a sack, 2 for a fumble recovery, 1 for a forced fumble, 2 for an INT. So due to the sack and fumble recovered being higher, it can lead to inflated fantasy points. With that said which of the following D/ST streamers would you roll with?

Packers @ CLE
Cowboys @ NYG
Cardinals vs TEN
Jets @ DEN
Vikings @ CAR

For defense I would definitely pick up the Vikin and I would either stream Gabbert or McCown

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Winston and check for the bengals d against the bears