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Which QB do I drop?


2 QB League and I got auto drafted (long day fell asleep lol).
I have Carson Palmer Mike Glennon as 2 starters
Siemian on the Bench.

Kizer is the only other started available. Should I drop Siemian for him?


Kizer is not even the starter right now.

I’d keep Siemian because he has been awarded the start.


I thought Kizer got the start and is going to be for at least the beginning of the season?


he has earned the starting role, according to a few sources! i like him a lot more than Siemian!


im dropping glennon for kizer. its still not great, but glennon has looked like hot garbage.


I’d rather have a non-playing Kizer than an on-the-field Glennon.


Kizer is the starter now I would take him all day, and he can run! and drop Trevor


Whoops, I got the Deshauns mixed up, I was thinking of Watson.

Do you really want to take a chance on a Cleveland QB? You are playing with fire!


Glennon looked solid in preseason week 3. I’d definitely drop Siemian for Kizer. CLE is going to surprise people this year.