Which QB do i pick up to play next week?(mahomes on bye)

So, i need to make this decision in two standard leagues(i have mariota on the bench, but im dont think i will play him against houston) so this are the qbs available:
1 -
Mullens @ TB
Bortles @ BUF
Mayfield @ CIN
Lamar Jackson @ OAK
Winston vs SF

2 -
Mullens @ TB
Prescott vs WAS
Mayfield @ CIN
Manning @ PHI
Keenum vs PIT
Winston vs SF

I think (as long as he’s named the starter) i’d roll with Winston for next week in both as a fill in. He’s always good for the yards and has far too many weapons to give you a real dud so safe floor and has the ceiling to go for 3 TDs and 300+ yards which is pretty good as a one week rental.

Mullens is interesting but obviously given the small sample size a bit more risky but does have the best matchup and a good offensive scheme to get things done. Baker is the only one i’d consider as he’s look a lot better and with an extra week off to prep the only reason he’s third for me is that i think they will get the win using Chubb and co on the ground and he wont have to do as much. Bengals front 7 is the weak point plus the RB coach calling the plays i can see them controlling this game on the ground to be honest.

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thanks man, i’ll try to get winston in both, but im 8-2(maybe 9-2 or 8-3 depending on tonights game) so i gotta hope no one steals him from me with their waiver priority

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sleeper app just said flacco is probably out next week… Do you think is too risky to go lamar jackson against oakland? He got over 100 yards on the ground this week, with 1 or 2 touchdowns i believe he would’ve been a top12 QB on the week

He does have a good matchup for sure, I’m pretty sure Flacco is out as well the guy was on crutches last week after all! He would be more of a gamble but as you say the upside could be massive if he has the same as this week but swap that INT for two total TDs and that’s a great week. I don’t know your set up and if you have to win for a bye week etc but if the matchup in either league looks close or you look like losing and need the win I’d be more tempted to roll with Lamar for the upside. I do think Winston has pretty solid upside as well and against an average to poor D like the 49ers at least 300 yards and a few scores is well within the range for him.

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lamar jackson is on the waivers in a league im 6-5, in 5th, fighting for 4th place(last playoff spot) and my team is actually not very good lol, check this out. standard:
saquon, adrian peterson, royce freeman, ellijah mcguire and rashaad penny
aj green, sutton, fitzgerald, lockett,
trey burton
will lutz
jaguars, vikings

Lamar or Winston.

Lamar could be very valuable in standard with that type rushing line going against Oak.

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Its between Mayfield and Winston for me personally. Winston higher ceiling but lower floor than Baker.

Bortles @ BUF = 100% fade.
Mullens on the road is risky.
Lamar sucks so get off that train unless you expect him to average 30 carries a game.

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thanks fellas, gonna put a claim on winston and see. Im projected to lose, so i need him for the upside

Winston is a huge risk.

Want to start a guy that might be benched by half?

Bucs have already done it what 3 times this year so far?

That’s my major concern with that even though Bucs QB has great value and the matchup is great.

I don’t expect Lamar to be great but he is going to run enough to be valuable in fantasy and against Oakland I see no reason why he can’t have a valuable fantasy day. Being a great qb and having fantasy value because you run are two totally different things. Tebow sucked but even he had the ability to get you 20 + most weeks because of the running. Against Oakland thats a stream play. Not sure I trust ROS but I like this week.

With playoff szn right around the corner, would you roster a second QB if you had Cam Newton?

I look at his schedule and i can’t imagine i would ever bench him, but only having 1 QB on my roster makes me a little nervous.

What do you think?

You should be fine with one.

With him running the ball I can understand if you wanted to grab a second just in case if there was something out there, but hes durable.

I’m only carrying Luck right now.

I wouldn’t say Lamar “sucks”. He’s certainly not a trustworthy week to week starter (assuming he is the starter), but I’d be fine rolling him out this weekend. Oakland’s Defense is weak as hell and If he runs for 100+ yards and a TD plus 100+ passing yards he’s legit. Risky move but I’m okay with it.

i agree, this is the one D probably in the league that even someone like Lamar can up against and have a game.

ROS, sure, definitely questionable.

Jackson if he’s starting and Mayfield vs Cinci. worst 2 defenses in the league

As of right now, Winston - QB 4 and jackson - QB12 are 10 positions apart, with a 2 point difference in standard scoring! 22.88 and 20.22 lol
Mayfield is the QB3 at the moment

Like I said, Lamar sucks. Hope you guys just listened and played Mayfield or Winston.

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Completely onboard. No way Jackson makes it in the NFL. If he could pass, sure, he would be great. But he can’t pass and there are no primarily rushing QBs in the NFL. Not even ones as dynamic on his feet as Jackson. This is why the ballers and every other fantasy commentary telling people to pick him lose stock in my mind. He’ll be a slot WR at best by the time it’s said and done, probably not even that. Was a horrible draft by the Ravens IMO.

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I’d say Cam is definitely in that conversation. He is the most prolific and productive rushing QB in the history of the NFL and we all know his passing game leaves much to be desired. And I think Jackson is worse than Cam on both accounts.

I’m not going to say that Jackson will be a slot WR because he’s still a rookie and only has 2 games under his belt so its not fair to judge his entire future prospects on 2 games when he has no reliable passing weapons to speak of and on a team that primarily relies on defense to win games. It’s too early to say whether he will succeed as a QB in the NFL, even Vick sat the bench first before he could produce in the NFL.

My comments above was more so directed at all these so called “experts” conducting the Lamar Jackson hype train calling him a “league winner” for fantasy purposes. Give me a break. Watch football and you’ll realize that points this season come from pocket passers on high scoring offenses. For example Mahomes, brees, goff, Big Ben, Rivers, etc. Even the guys in that group that can rush like Mahomes still score primarily through the air. That’s what the rules are designed for. Not some guy that may or may not rush for 50-60 yards a game and not even crack 200 yards passing.

I feel bad for anyone who listened to that advice and actually started Jackson over real QBs like Mayfield lol.

I’d say Jackson is a better runner than Newton but a far worse passer. Newton is effective running because he has the threat of passing. If Newton couldn’t pass, he’d be shut down on his feet just a Jackson soon will be.

I stand by my statement. Jackson will not make it as a legit QB. He will be even worse than RGIII was. He is nowhere near the passer he needs to be for the NFL. His show was fine at the ACC but this is a different animal he faces now, the NFL defense.

Enjoy the next couple of games because soon, if not already, the blueprint to stop his rush attack will be laid. Once that happens, it’s over.