Which QB do I start?

I have just completed a trade and now have an open roster spot. I own Marcus Mariota but am debating picking up Alex Smith or Jay Cutler to start over him this week since he is facing a stingy Seattle Defense. This league is also slightly pass heavy as you get .5 points per completion (slightly balanced out by it being 30 yards per point), so that limits the advantage of Mariota’s run ability. Please help

I’m looking at smoking Jay cutty here. In a normal qb league I would take Smith, but fact is, he just won’t complete as many passes, and has every bit of the same chance as Smith does for plays and touchdowns.

I agree on Cutler as well. Ajai is hurt and will not be at 100 percent. This means more passing against a dreadful defensive team in the Jets

I am playing Smokin’ Jay Cutty in one of my leagues. Cutler has a really good matchup vs. the Jets who are currently giving up the 3rd most fantasy points to QBs. Smith vs LAC giving up the 5th most. Since they are about the game, I would roll on Cutler with the better matchup.

I wish cutler was available in my 14 team monster league. Roll with him.

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Cutty is available in my 10 team league, but I’ve got Cousins and Wentz and would hate to give either of them up right now.

If you aren’t going to roll out Cousins against the Raiders he may be on the bench for a majority of the year with his schedule. Wentz orobably isn’t a bad start any week… especially with the Giants secondary banged up a bit this week.

Yeah. Going on the gut feeling from Cousins past history. EVERY year…NEVER FAILS…first 2 weeks…QB20 (or somewhere in that vicinity)…then gets it together after that and usually ends the season as a QB5 or close. Just hoping losing McVay hasn’t got him too screwed up this year to follow suit!!!

And yes…got Kirk starting this week.

what about Cutler vs. Cousins?

Would without a doubt have to go Cousins. Granted Cutty is playing the Jets and will probably put up some decent stats, but…IDK…I would just personally have to go with the Captain.

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Thanks to everyone who told me to start Cutler this week, really helped me out.

Well Kirk paid off great for me. Thank God for that. But Pryor??? What the hell was up with that mess?? Looks like he and Cousins must have had a “run-in” this week. Kirk sure wasn’t studying him in the least. Apparently Thompson is gonna be Kirk’s new favorite target buddy.