Which QB do you prefer going forward?

A. Smith

I currently have Mariota and A. Smith but I will most likely drop Mariota and someone else (maybe smith) and pick up 2 QB’s… Who would you guys pick up?

Phillip rivers would be my top choice, and goff would probably be my second, with keenum at a very close third.

Both keenum and goff have a tough week 15, so if you go with either of them I would suggest picking up another qb to fill in for that week. I like Rivers RoS, especially playoffs.

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Yea rivers is my top choice. Will deff start him against the Browns this week. I think I’ll go with Keenum and Rivers, as much as i like goff his playoff schedule is so so

Rivers is the best bet here. His final opponents are Browns, Redskins, @chiefs, @jets, and if you have a week 17 championship game he gets the raiders at home but that will really be a raider home game. There isn’t a single match up there where I can’t see him putting up big numbers

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