Which Qb for playoff push?

Looking at acquiring either Philip Rivers or Matt Ryan before my league’s trade deadline tomorrow.

Which qb would you want going forward into the playoffs.

I’m 7-4 and in first place in my league.

That’s a tough one. I reckon I’d prob go with Rivers just going on matchups…but…wow…IDK…he’s kinda struggled last few weeks. Curious what others would do here.

I would go Ryan. He’s trending up and if Freeman misses more time I think he gets more work.

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Good point @casperhodi. I was really torn on this one.

4 straight weeks with 2TDs for Ryan an I like TB and NO in the playoffs

Plus Ryan is in a dome and in warmer weather cities. I just felt like Rivers playoff schedule is really favorable

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Yeah…although…Rivers has had 2 TD’s last 3 out of 4 weeks. So…again…yeah…but, as @kfox44 just pointed out…Rivers schedule is GREAT. LOL…really tough choice here.

Sorry…I know I haven’t been much help here.

No problem! It is a tough choice, my only real concern with Ryan is that their offense is more balanced than the Chargers so I feel like Rivers would air it out more.