Which QB to stream this week?

Goff, Keenum, Flacco, Mayfield?
Standard Scoring

I think I’d take Baker but I might be drinking the Koolaid. If not Baker, then Goff.

Not Goff.

Keenum is a pretty good stream going up against KC at home.

Flacco and Mayfield aren’t bad either.

Keenum is relatively boom or bust (a lot more bust) but could be in store for a major shoot out if you want to take a chance. I like Flacco then Goff then Mayfield in that order, aside from Keenum. I’m not as down on Goff since it’s at home and the Vikings showed they are only human, but they will probably be in his face all day and he might start forcing things and making other classic young-QB errors. Flacco against the Steelers, even though they know each other well, I think is the best, most balanced option overall.

You also might want to just own Goff ROS.

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I’m not sure if he’s available in your league, but I’d personally add Tannehill to the list. Tannehill has been good so far this year, and he should be playing from behind against the Pats. I’d trust Tannehill’s floor over the other four QBs you’ve listed, though Keenum and Flacco probably have higher ceilings.

Yea I would own Goff…