Which QB to stream with Dak on Bye

The quarterbacks on waivers right now are:

Trevor Siemian
Josh McCown
Joe Flacco
Brian Hoyer
Jay Cutler
Kevin Hogan

Who has the best shot at 20 pts

5 points per passing TD

Brian Hoyer is… well I guess the most interesting of that list. WAS has Josh Norman hurt which does hurt their pass defense. He also has shown to have big upside.

Tough. I like McCown’s matchup, will surely be some garbage time.Though I like the potential upside with Siemian more than the rest.

I say Mccrown he is steady and plays safe :slight_smile:

I’d roll the dice with Trevor Siemian

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I like siemian cuz landon Collins is questionable and they might have the most competent offense of the 3. But I’m worried their defense will shut down the giants and they will end up feeding cj too much for siemian go be good.
Thats why i like hoyer, and Mccown the pats have a bad D but can still put up points so there might be garbage time for Mccown. Kinda the same for Hoyer with Norman out, the redskins can put up points but Hoyer might be able to throw some back too.

I like Siemian cuz he’s at home (much better home/road splits) and coming off a bye.

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I still like Siemian cause if they get a big lead where they have to run the ball, odds are, he threw a td or two to get them that lead. wouldn’t want to rely on garbage tds from other qb

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