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Which QB Would You Rather Have?


Which QB would you rather have, and why?
Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr, or Dak Prescott?


dak is at the bottom of that list for me. least amount of experience, so you really dont know if he will produce again. between carr and cousins though its cousins all day. carr has a higher TD total, but its not by some huge margin. 3 TDs each year. carr has never broke 4000 yards either. cousins has done it twice in a row now. and that offense is just starting to take off. kirk has a higher passer rating and higher completion rating by quite a few points. everything just points to kirk having a better year again. i mean who wouldnt want a guy who averaged 300 yards a game and near 2 TDs a game? oh and will hit the occasional rushing TD. which i was surprised to see carr has never rushed for one before. anyway, its kirk for me.


Carr is probably the best actual QB out of the 3 but Kirk Cousins is certainly the best fantasy football QB out of those 3.


100% agree with that.


You know what you are getting with Carr, not much change in his offense. Cousins though has lost two main receivers and josh Doctson is a big question mark. I like Terrelle Pryor but who knows if he can perform in this type of offense. That being said Cousins has a floor of being just as good as Carr and a ceiling of being top 3.


Top 3?? haha, you from DC? Top 5, sure.


TB actually, i just think its not a stretch to say that if he and Pryor start connecting early that he can pass Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck. And again thats best case scenario.


To be top 3 you have to surpass, Rodgers, Brees or Brady. Brady actually finished top 3 if you extend his avg per game out 4 games. Chances of Kirk doing that are low. Luck missed a game and still finished ahead of Kirk. Matty Ice will regress but still has a much greater chance at top 3. I think you reached to high with the top 3 talk. :smile:


Lt.Dangler brings up good points, I’m going to have to agree with him. But i still believe Cousins has a higher ceiling than Carr.


Carr just got paid so the incentive is less than KC and washingtons defense is weaker than Oakland so Kirk will have to pass much more and Washingtons run game is also much weaker so they must pass the ball more so everything points to KC for fantasys purpose .