Which Rams WR would you draft?

Which of the three Rams receivers would you prefer? 12-team HPPR redraft league

Woods - 3rd/4th round
Cooks - 4th round
Kupp - 4th/5th round

This is where I have seen them going in the mock drafts I have done recently. The would be my WR2/3 most likely.

I’m not saying I’m set on getting one of them, I was just curious which one people thought had the most value in drafts. Woods I like the most personally, but to get him, I’d have to draft him around other WRs like Diggs, Edelman, Golladay etc.

All are great. If I had to choose one, I am thinking Kupp because of consistency and his rise of usage in the game.

Cooks is my pick…he has done nothing both put up 1000 yard season since he has been in the league…can run alot of different routes and options of end arounds…

Woods did it last year for the first time in his career and needed a Kupp acl tear to do it…

Kupp was solid but alot of risk with that ACL tear…week 10 the injury occurred so he may not be ready to go or 100% at the start of the season.

I’m not sold on Kupp quite yet, especially coming off the ACL. Why I favor Woods over Cooks currently is because of consistency. Cooks has the big play ability where one week he can get you 7 catches for 150 yds and a TD, but the next week he will go 3 catches for 30 yards. Woods was a consistent 5-7 catches for 70-90 yds week in and week out. I guess it’s kind of a risk/reward deal for me.

If I get a solid WR1 that’s consistent, I’d be more willing to go with the riskier Cooks. However, If my WR1 already carries risk, I’d probably go with Woods.

if there isnt a round cost to them, its woods. with the round cost to them, its kupp. i have all 3 very very close, it just depends on what you are looking for i guess. pure value, kupp just because he is the cheapest. for consistency, its woods, and for risk aversion its cooks. woods is risky because he just now in his career is starting to hit it. so you have to wonder, fluke year? kupp has risks because of the injury but he fits their system PERFECTLY. and cooks, you just know what you will get. around 80 receptions, over 1000 yards, and about 7 TDs.

i can tell you i dont think i would have woods on my team in most redrafts. i want a piece of the rams pie, but not that early.


Yeah I like Woods too, but there’s so much talent around where he’s being drafted. I like getting in on the Rams offense, but I don’t know if I want to spend that much for it. This is just hypothetical redraft basis. I think I’ll be targeting Cooks and hoping he slides a little bit or Kupp. Although I know in the two annual leagues I’m in, there’s a big Rams fan that always goes after Goff/Kupp combo and will pick them right at their ADP or earlier.

For me it is Kupp in Dynasty and Cooks in Redraft. I really like Woods, but passing on him still gets me a solid piece in the offense.

This question is very difficult. I think It depends on how you construct your team and how you play fantasy football.

All 3 i am fine with having but which one do i prefer? depends on my first couple pick. If I like consistency i’m taking Robert Woods. If i like high upside i’m going Cooks. If injury doesn’t scare me and i know i have other pieces in early season i’m going Kupp.

Personally in Mocks i find myself with Woods the most as i dont mind his ADP. i would take Diggs over him BUT i like woods more than Edelman and Kenny G.

But dude grab one of the 3 and you’ll be happy either way! I dont think there is a wrong answer!

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