Which RB do I choose?

In a 12 team PPR auction draft partial keeper league. You only have Zek, David Johnson, Damien Williams & Dalvin Cook available. Who do you take?

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As a keeper I’m picking Zeke.

Depending on when your keepers are due, I would pivot to DJ if news is not good for Zeke past Aug 6th.

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DJ until the Zeke situation clears up. If Zeke gets his contract then go zeke

I would take them in the order you have them just flip Cook and Williams. Try to get the best player available but dont lock yourself in on having to get a certain player and dont wait to grab the last player nominated of the 4. (tends to be the most expensive)

You keep Zeke he’s head and shoulders above the rest and even if he’s traded he’s still better than all others, combined. DJ is NOT in the conversaion, his one ‘good’ year was his outlier, he’s not that good, and he now plays for Kliff K’s offense which did NOT use RBs to catch balls out of the backfield at TT. Johnson is a one-hit wonder. trade him if you can, people seem to really like him you’ll get something good in return. I’m just saying, sell HIGH!