Which RB Do The Drop To Prep For Playoffs?

On my roster, I have Gurley, Hunt, D Murray, Mixon, Martin, and Montgomery. I want to drop one to pick up another QB before the playoffs. Which one should I drop?

Side note: I have solid depth at WR and TE. And I have the Steelers and Eagles’ DST.

What kind of league structure do you have? I would drop Montgomery of that group. Not healthy, has competition, is in the worst offense. Martin, who I have, is not doing well, but the potential is there. The coaching staff backed him up recently and called out the O-line. He will continue getting touches. Mixon has the backfield to himself as long as Gio Bernard is underperforming. Don’t drop Gurley, Hunt, or Murray.

Nice job getting good defenses. I have had 3 defenses on my roster for 2 weeks now. Been doing that for years. Played Cleveland 2 out of 3 playoff weeks last year, lol. Philly and Pittsburgh are solid options.


agreed ^^^