Which RB should I hold this week?

I have Todd Gurley on my roster, and currently am holding Brian Hill on my bench as a handcuff, but Rex Burkhead is available for pickup. Who is more worthy of the bench spot going into week 4?

Hill makes sense as a handcuff, I’d want to see another week of Burkhead being relevant before I would roster him…of course that carries the risk of him being more difficult to pick up, if he does have a 2nd big week.

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Hill… but if Burkhead does it again… think more about picking him up.

I am not excited about Burkhead, I’m like 98% sure that was as good as he’s ever going to be, Cam Newton, James White, Sony Michel, Damien Harris, all potentially going to take his work. I’d be keeping Hill, he’s generally trending in a good direction too.