Which RB should I play

I got ajayi lynch or Peterson who should I play 12 man ppr league

I would go with Ajayi. I’m not sold on Lynch; at least not over Ajayi’s involvement and workload. Peterson hasn’t even had a full week with Arizona yet, its a sexy concept but I would steer clear for now. Good luck!

Ajayi, he’s still getting plenty touches and doesn’t have as much competition as Peterson. I’d also wait a week or two to see how Peterson is doing in AZ before I start him

Didn’t see Lynch in there. I would still go Ajayi, I trust him more than Lynch for at least a solid floor from touches

Ajayi is getting the volume, hes bound to pop off a big game soon!

Lynch is playing against a bad run defense though and ajayi is against Atlanta Miami being behind will mostly try to move through the air. Peterson was my last choice. RBs against chargers get high yards. Actually made a good choice everyone was against playing wentz over Ryan but he did good I have the wentz ertz connection. And I just traded Riddick for witten