Which RB to drop to get a WR?

Which RB would you drop to trade for Keenan Allen or someone like Shepard?
(I have 4 WRs and 6 RBs, would like to exchange a RB for another WR to give me some depth there. I currently have AB+Thielen+Kupp+Callaway, however with Kupp going through concussion protocol and Callaway continuing to underperform and drop passes, I’d like another option…)

Or I could pick up Mohamed Sanu/Keelan Cole on waiver’s as they are both there, so might be a worthy cheap and free pick up here? Just gonna list all my RBs, which is worth dropping/trading away:

DJ / Jones / Coleman / Lewis / Drake / Johnson.

Sanu is a good pick up. Continues to outsnap ridley and out target him and is also a redzone weapon. He’s always been the WR2. All these Ridley truthers are just eating crow now. Anyone who bought ridley in past 2 weeks, likely regretting their decision and grosly overpaid.

Of all the ones you have, maybe Lewis would be last for me. And now that Freeman is back, Coleman is losing a bit of value too. If you do get sanu, can probably trade away coleman.


Reckon I could just drop Coleman and pick up Sanu? Or is it a safer option to drop Lewis?

Not really sure between Derrick Henry or Devonta Freeman and who will be doing well…

I just don’t really want too much of the titans run game.

Falcons can produce both freeman/coleman and if freeman goes down given he’s been injured all year, Coleman becomes a starter. More importantly, i just think coleman has more standalone value cause he’s on a better offense.

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I would’t drop any RB’s for Sanu. Def wouldn’t drop Coleman. Coleman is a high value hand cuff and has some stand alone value even with Freeman back. I would look at the landscape of your waiver wire first and see how many viable RB’s are available. Could be tough to snag Shepard right now seeing how well he is being utilized in Engram’s absence. If you needed a WR I’d sell high off Drake’s week or make a package with coleman to the freeman owner and target him. Keelan’s usage is to unpredictable right now. I would’t drop any backs because of the value they hold to teams that have no option’s or depth. Package a trade.

That’s a fair analysis. I’ll see if I can package a trade going for a WR3 that someone has

Acquire John Brown if you can. He had a slow week but going up against what I think is the best defense in the NFL in the Browns. Super underrated. They are what I thought the vikings would be this year.

Brown is still absolutely dominating in air yards and didn’t connect on acouple bombs today. Flacco clearly trusts him and will do so even more after Crabtree dropped the ball like a million times this week. I wouldn’t say he’s a WR3 at this point. Smokey John Brown is an every week starter for me except for super bad matchups like Jax.

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Here’s the John Brown owner’s line up. He has some decent RBs like James White and Bell who’s back in 2 weeks(Ekeler had a good day too), I doubt he will consider a trade for my RBs…

He actually doesn’t really have good RBs without Bell but his WRs are pretty stacked. Especially once Hilton is back.= and Arob is back.

If you can get like Brown for a Coleman or Lewis, I’d definitely do that but would be a tough sell. You could also try and take a flier on Coutee. He definitely seems to be involved in the offense and part of the scheme.

3 Wr’s league too… He has some good WR depth … Hell i’d try for Landry first coming off a down week too.

what about ingram for bell in 2 weeks? fair trade?

what about Alshon or Will Fuller for Ridley? is that a bad idea?

No. Incredibly lopsided in favor of the person receiving bell

Overpaying for Ridley is a bad idea. Already regressed vs the leagues worst pass D. I’m not buying ridley in redraft leagues.

what is reasonable to pay for Ridley? and what is reasonable to pay for Bell? and what kind of guarantee that he will be RB1 rest of season upon return?

the bell owner offered be Russell Wilson and Lev Bell plus a 5th round pick for Matt Ryan and Mark Ingram. is that a reasonable offer and deal? should i accept that?

Ridley is a WR3 maybe fringe WR2 ROS who is super boom bust and not easy to play matchups with. That’s the price I’d be willing to pay. He’s playing in <60% of snaps and isn’t even 2nd WR on his own team, that’s Sanu. Don’t chase TDs that have already happened, only pay for volume/opportunity/talent going forward. Never chase the past. No one is selling him for reasonable prices for him so personally, I’m just not buying ridley right now.

great point about being outsnapped and targetted. sounds like you view Keke in this same vein, no?

what about this?

the bell owner offered be Russell Wilson and Lev Bell plus a 5th round pick for Matt Ryan and Mark Ingram. is that a reasonable offer and deal? should i accept that?

I think you should trade for better rbs

drake and lewis trade bait…dont expect much

Appreciate the questions but could you open a new thread for questions like this?

We’re discussing which RBs are good to drop to pick up another WR and potential WR options around…

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I honestly might just drop Dion Lewis to pick up Mohamed Sanu or someone like him to beef up my WR3 options…I haven’t got much interest back in trades