Which RB to drop/upgrade? half ppr

Chris Thompson or Jordan Howard. niether are good options and dont look to be trusted

robinson got most all of the rushing work.

Howard looks like he will be the main goal-to-go back, but do you see Gaskin getting more work? had more yards and actually had passing work

RB depth on my team is super soft, waivers below in my current priority order

Josh Kelley

I would upgrade from Thompson, Robinson looks like he is going to be getting a large workload next week which hurts Thompsons value, im also not to high on Howard this year.

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I’d drop Howard first. Thompson didn’t see as much work as they were in a neutral to positive game script. The games where they have to sling it are coming and it’s possible that Thompson will be the back on the field when that happens.

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Word, yeah not even sure why I drafted Howard, great point on the game script portion for Thompson.

See ya Howard!