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Which RB to fill depth


I have Chris Thompson Rex Burkhead Jaquizz Rodgers and The Riddick on my bench but Kareem Hunt is on Waiver Wire. Should I drop any of those guys to pick him up


Hunt COULD help win your league, I emphasize COULD. Rodgers is a 3 week starter at most and Burkhead is a Pat’s RB. So I’d drop one of them for Hunt


I would drop Burkhead out of the 4.

We know that Rodgers will start for the opening month and when Hunt takes over the number 1 role he will go along way helping you win matches.


Yes please! Drop Thompson, or Burkhead-he’s a Patriot and never know what Belichick will do. There’s a little rumbling about Rodgers taking over, I doubt it, but you can count on Doug Martin being injured, which is a shame because he can be so good. I am going to have Hunt in a lot of my leagues…how in the world is he on the waiver wire???


Yea I would drop Thompson. He will sit on waivers. Surprised Hunt is there as well. I would act quickly


Drop Thompson. DO NOT drop Burkhead. What the others say is true. Pats RBs can be difficult to predict, but if he earns the lions share of the load, which is looking more and more possible, then he will be a stud.