Which RB to flip for better WR?

RBs: Barkley, Jones, Lindsay, Miller
WRs: Hilton, Davis, Tate, Sutton, Godwin, Miller

We start 2RB/ 3WR.

Which RB should I look to trade away for a WR upgrade?

bumping up.

Oh for sure start with miller. He’s performing like he was drafted right now and the Texans offense isn’t getting better. Try and go after people on their byes to teams that have needs and must win now scenarios. Like Rams and kc receivers. Package your depth at this point to make it happen, go Lamar miller plus basically anyone other than Hilton to get one of the top guys. Send the trades like Lamar miller plus each of the wide receivers for cooks, woods, hill, So send like 5 trades so they have a perceived option of choice and the reality is you don’t want to plug in ANY of those wrs. Maybe Lamar miller for Sammy Watkins gets done but I would have less value going after him. You might even get great value for Lindsay. I mean target hunt and gurley owner if they are on the playoff bubble and try and combine Lindsay and one other player, even Aaron jones, for one of those guys, you never know. Throw in any of your wr of their choice minus Hilton.