Which RB to pick? Malcom Brown or Carlos Hyde?

10 team Full Point PPR

Who to pick from waivers? Malcom Brown or Carlos Hyde?

Honestly in 10 team I’m hoping you have better options. But if it had to be one I think I’d roll brown. Robinson has shown what he can do and I’m not sure I’m ready to say gaskin is the guy yet. I think malcolm steals a lot of td from him.

This is what I’m seeing

Part 2

Mark Ingram is quietly the RB1 for the Texans, so I would probly go for him. If you’re afraid he’ll lose his job to DJ, then Phillip Lindsay becomes an option, as he will probly be the pass-catching back regardless of who the “lead” RB is. Nyheim Hines is another guy who’s going to catch passes on the reg.

I would probly rather have any of them than either Brown or Hyde, but between the two, Brown will probly just be a goalline/short yardage back, while Hyde can catch balls out of the backfield too–so I’d go with him if I had to choose one of them.

I don’t see him there, but I bet Tony Jones, Jr. is on your waiver wire as well. He has looked good in preseason–twice as good as the plodding Murray last night–and the announcers on Monday Night Football quoted Sean Payton as saying, “If you ask me right now, Jones is my RB2.”

So if you thought Latavius Murray had any value as Kamara’s backup, that value now goes to Tony Jones, Jr.

This irritates me, because I have like 20 shares of Murray in 45 leagues, mostly as a RB5-RB6 at the end of my best-ball benches. Hopefully I wasn’t going to need him anyway–but from what I saw with my own eyes during the game, I can’t even argue with Murray’s demotion.

You are right and thanks for bringing it up. His available.

Yeah, but I’d still go with Mark Ingram. At the moment, he’s the only starting RB1 available.

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Thanks for the advice

So I now have Mark Ingram and with Dobbins out for the season. Gus Edward’s is looking good in my squad. With him being RB1 , should I take the chance to trade him for a RB higher upside? Like package DJ MOORE and GUS EDWARD’S for a good RB? If so, who should I aim for?

Go for Henry and Zeke.

The guy who has Henry has only 3 Rbs. So yeah, doubt he will give in. Ezekiel, his who I’m going against and he won’t give that up either. Haha.

Yeah, you’d be lucky to land Zeke with an offer of Gus and Moore anyways. I’d probably target one of the lower end top 10 RBs if you can find someone who needs the WR help. Who you target really depends on who’s roster needs what you’re offering most so it’s hard to give you definitive names.

Edit: Maybe think guys like Najee if the owner isn’t fully smitten.

Personally, I would have gone with either Hines or Williams instead of either brown or ingram or hyde, especially in a PPR league. Lindsay is currently listed as the starter on the Texans depth chart and David Johnson is looking at least like a 3rd down back, but I think he will get more time as Lindsay and Ingram have both seen better years and that Houston offensive line is average at best. With Swift nursing nagging injuries Jamaal Williams will likely get some decent work and in Indy Hines is a great receiving back who could be a decent bye week fill in. Just my opinion…good luck this season.

Axually Ingram is the starting RB, with DJ as his direct backup, and Lindsay acting as the pass-catching, change-of-pace back regardless of whether Ingram or DJ “starts.”

Depends on where you look. Most sites have Lindsay and Ingram as co-starters. During the preseason Lindsay has been running the most with the first team with DJ providing 3rd down work. With this offensive line though I wouldn’t trust any of these guys anyway. Trust me bro…I’ve been winning championships every year for the last 30 years, usually multiple championships yearly, even though I’ve mostly only played IDP PPR leagues for the last 16 years. Played in a PPR league on NFL.com a few years ago and one on ESPN 3 years ago…won them both. Just sayin’…lol. Good luck this season.

Yeah, that’s what I said; Ingram is the “lead” RB and Lindsay is the pass-catching, change-of-pace back. DJ is Ingram’s handcuff.

Your still wrong…DJ is the pass catching back right now. That’s from all the reports I’ve seen over the last 2 weeks coming out of their training camp updates. Like I said bro, I’ve kind of proved my sources are pretty good over the last 30 years. I only have 1 spot left in my league if you want test me, but I doubt if you have the skills to play in a deep IDP PPR league. Like I said, good luck this season though. Maybe you’ll be right.

Yeah, I’ve never been really great in leagues that use six kickers.


I don’t know what your sources are watching, but that doesn’t appear to be the way things are–either from a depth chart standpoint or from a preseason gameplanning standpoint.

This is the depth chart:

QB - Tyrod Taylor, Jeff Driskel, Davis Mills (R), Deshaun Watson
RB - Mark Ingram, David Johnson, Scottie Phillips
RB - Phillip Lindsay, Rex Burkhead, Buddy Howell, Paul Quessenberry (FB)
WR - Brandin Cooks, Anthony Miller, Alex Erickson, Andre Roberts, Nico Collins (R)
WR - Chris Conley, Keke Coutee, Chris Moore, Taywan Taylor, Jordan Veasy
TE - Pharaoh Brown, Jordan Akins, Ryan Izzo, Anthony Auclair, Brevin Jordan (R)

Now which two look like the “grinders” to you, and which two look like the pass-catching, change-of-pace backs?


Enjoy the six Kickers!

6 kickers huh…lmao…just making excuses because your afraid to compete against me…it’s cool…my leagues are usually normal roster with 3 flx, and at least 6-8 IDP. Stick to your standard drafts…drafts anyone can get lucky in…lmao.

Alright guys calm down. Nobody was interested in Gus Edward’s until someone offered a bogus trade. He wanted Gus and in return I would get Sony M and Jaylen Waddle , I declined. I saw his team and he has a few people injured… who can I offer along with Gus for Chubb? This is his squad.