Which RB to target in Trade

Have 3 Tight Ends and need an upgrade at RB (Waller, Hooper, Henry)
Looking at other teams with weak TE I was thinking of offering up Mixon and Henry for either Gurley, Mack, or M Gordon. Which RB would you target?

Id say get mack of those three if you can hes been a solid stud all year


Mack of those three.

I wouldnt even do it for the other (2) RB’s.
I’d look to get someone Mack/Slightly better for the Mixon/Henry or Mixon/Waller combo.
Target people hurt by bye weeks too.


Mack owner not biting. Dont want to be sitting on 3 Tight Ends but not sure where to improve or who to package.
Qb. Murray
Rb - CMC, Carson, Mixon, Singletary, Sanders
Wr - Thomas, Kupp, Woods, Ridley, AJ Green
Te - Waller, Hooper, Henry
De - NE

Mack, he looks good, the team looks strong, and he has a solid O line.

Barkley owner is struggling and only has Graham at TE. Who would you offer up as a package for Barkley?

I think Hooper. He doesn’t have a history of going this strong much longer. And there are other targets on that team.

Can offer a TE and woods for a low end WR1 like Lockett.

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Offered Mixon and Henry for Mack and it got accepted.

Gurly or Mack. I’d target both and see who you can get.

Definitely agree with this but i’d see what you can get for Henry alone. Lots of people will buy high.

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I’m a saquon owner and am 3/3. My TE is Jimmy Graham. My running back core is solid and for sure I wouldn’t do a straight trade saquon for hooper. I’d be asking for one of your receivers on top of hooper to make a trade happen.