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Which RB to target on waiver wire?


Which RB do I target on waiver wire. Tarik Cohen, Chris Johnson, Buck Allen, or Kamara.

In desperate need for a RB in 12 team league


For immediate, every-week, almost-certain impact - I’d go Cohen. CJ2K hasn’t been signed yet and the Zona backfield is a mess. Buck Allen may or may not be involved depending on the game script and will only be a “rental” until Woodhead comes back. Kamara is likely the back-of-the-future in NO, but right now he has Ingram to compete with for passing down work and he’s not the between-the-tackles runner that AP is.


The “problem” with Cohen is if you use a FAAB system, he’s going to be crazy expensive. Someone will blow 50% of their budget. So if you are that desperate, be prepared to pay up and live with the fact that you are going all in on a gadget RB/WR for the pathetic Bears!


That’s a very good point, Scorcho… and if the OP is in a FAAB system, I’d agree that you probably won’t get him for less than 40% of your budget. I’d still put in a bid at 15-20% just in case he slips through. But in a 12-team, he shouldn’t :confused:

In a priority system, I’d totally burn whatever priority you have on him.


With Allen, you may be able to use him a week or 2 and try to trade him for someone else too if Tariq ends up being to rich for your blood.