Which RB to trade?

I need to flip one of my RB’s because my WR’s are hurting, but can’t decide which RB to part with. How would you rank McCoy, Montgomery, CJ Anderson and Alvin Kamara in terms of must keep vs wouldn’t mind flipping for a WR2?

Based on preliminary talks I may be able to get Keenan Allen, D Thomas, Alshon, D Parker or Diggs for example…

Keenan Allen is the only one I like on that list. I have most of the others and I have a feeling of “I want more” from them

I would try to flip C.J. Anderson, you probably couldn’t get K. Allen for him, but D. Thomas. He has a good schedule.

CJ seems like the one I’m most likely to offer but it’s tough considering he’s the true starter there.

Thoughts on CJ straight up for Keenan?

You could give it a shot, depending if he is in need for a RB.

I rank them McCoy, Monty/Anderson (depending on league format), Kamara. PPR I rank Monty higher and standard I rank Anderson higher. You could probably flip Kamara for Parker but I double anyone would trade Allen for Anderson or Monty unless they have two other strong WR’s. Allen is a WR one for a lot of people right now. I’ve traded for Jeffery in two leagues no so if I had to suggest anyone I’d say him, people seem to be wavering on him.