Which Rb would u choose?

10T full pt ppr redraft league…who would u pick to keep on ur roster…henry, Mack, Powell, Alfred Morris or Ito Smith?

Powell, he catches and is seeing double digit touches


I’d also go Powell. Henry makes me wanna puke, Mack is a dud, Ito is questionable even with Freeman out, so it’s between Morris and Powell for me, and I’d lean Powell

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Ok I drafted and own Henry the rest I listed are all available off the wire to add I also hav foreman and Chubb stashed…so I would hav to drop someone to add Powell

Drop Chubb

Powell. You can actually rely on him. Henry has been putrid, Mack had too many injury concerns/ Hines is emerging in that O, Morris isnt as good as Powell and Ito Smith is basically just Tevin Coleman light (and only when freeman is out).

Full PPR, it’s gotta be Powell

Thanks guys!

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