Which RB would you rather have

footclan help out a brother…as the topic said!

who would you rather have in full point PPR for 2019 and for dynasty?

Damien Williams or Leonard Fournette

Damien Williams for me. That offense is going to be wicked just like last year, and he will be a ppr machine IMO

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is your opinion the same thinking for about 3 years from now?
do you have concerns after 2019?

Especially after 2019, Fournette is under a microscope right now. between all of last years issues on and off the field. his injuries and what not. id go williams

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Damien because it’s PPR

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Is this a choiec? because the two aren’t really that close in ADP for dynasty.

In redraft its williams for me and in dynasty its fournette.

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No sir…!
Fournette was offered to me and I just wanted to know where the footclan leans in that topic.

I also think longterm it’s Fournette but injury concerns and off the field issues are real!