Which RB would you rather own ROS?

I got offered Helaire for Jacobs straight up. Would you take it?

I would take Jacobs. I feel like he is guaranteed more touches every week. Clyde is electric and has amazing big play potential especially in that offense. But like you saw this week, he might have limited touches compared to Jacobs. 30 touches for Jacobs this week. And that was the game plan even going up against the Saints who historically can score in a flash, so you would think game script would be to throw along with them. Even down 10 in the 1st quarter, the ball was fed to Jacobs every chance.

*disclaimer: huge Raiders fan, so bias might be showing.

I would take it.

Jacobs is the clear workhorse in LV’s offense. Through 2 week, Jacobs has 52 carries and 9 targets (hopefully gets better). LV’s offense definitely run through Jacobs.

CEH definitely has the talent, however, KC has a lot of mouths to feed in their high powered offense.

Overall, both will be awesome this year. I lean towards Jacobs because I think he has the safer floor and the potential to be a top 5 RB.