Which RB2 do I start?

With Cook on a snap count I’m not getting screwed starting him again or Lat Murray so I need to choose someone else the only guy on my bench is Drake but his matchup sucks and he’s been inconsistent all year cause his coach is an idiot…so I could pick up Mack, Powell, Bibbs, Morris or Ito…and I would b dropping Henry or Chubb now if u think I should grab 2 of these guys and drop both please lmk also…thanks for the help!

Great now Sony is a gtd I may need to bench he and cook now…which two guys do I go with? I wish Crowell was out Powell would b a solid replacement…

Beradia is questionable for monday night so morris is probably a good choice, powell would probably be my 2nd. Don’t worry too much about michel he should play.

I like Morris the most(especially if he has the back-field to himself) and then I like Powell(Powell looks great just hasn’t had a TD yet)