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Which RBs should I start


Please pick 2…all advice appreciated

Adrian Peterson vs Giants
Marlon Mack @ Houston
Spencer Ware vs Baltimore
Jeff Wilson vs Denver
Gus Edwards @ Kansas City

Full PPR league


AP and Ware


You don’t feel good about gus?


Yeah i would start AP and Gus


Thanks for the advice guys


I would go AP and Jeff Wilson. With no OBJ don’t see this being a blow out for the giants. Think AP gets a heavy workload.
Then Shananhan RBs typically are pretty solid in his system.

Don’t like the match up for ware vs Baltimore solid defense. Plus have williams getting some work
Think Dixon is going to get some more playing time. So don’t like Gus this week.
Don’t like Mack’s been banged up this season. Is supposedly healthy but a tough match up.


Thanks for the advice and input. much appreciated