Which RB's should I start?

I need advice on who to start for my running backs. I can start 2 and my best choices are Doug Martin, Dion Lewis and Wendell Smallwood. Martin is an obvious choice but he is going against Carolina who is very good against the run. Lewis is facing the chargers who are decent at stopping runs and Smallwood against the 49ers who are terrible. The footballers have Lewis ranked higher than Smallwood, but he’s facing the 49ers! It seems like he could have a blowout game since the eagles use him for pass-catching too. I’m also very nervous about starting Martin… should I start Lewis and Smallwood and hope for the best haha sorry for writing a book and thanks for looking. It is a full point PPT league

I really like what bosa has been doing for the charges on pass rush. I can see Lewis getting some good work in the passing game to hold their defense true. Brady won’t have time to sit in the pocket if they don’t do a lot of dump passes to the running back out of the back field. I think, it is the patriots so who knows. Although I feel the Philly game is all about Blount his week. Not Smallwood.

You start Martin no matter the matchup.

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I’m going D Martin regardless of matchup too. You have the volume with him and he’s proven himself before. Then I prob go with Lewis over Smallwood. Similar time shares, but Lewis has a better chance to break a big one for you.