Which rbs to play in a must win game

Currently I am 6-6, and a win locks up a playoff spot for my team, unless the other team trying to get in scores 106 more points than me this week. Which 3 rbs would u play in this crucial game? Currently my only one that is close to a lock is Chubb

D Johnson vs Packers
J Mixon vs Broncos
N Chubb vs Texans
P Lindsay vs Bengals

That’s tough. I would lean sitting Mixon just because that team is such a mess but he is one of the only things they have left. I’m just worried with the QB situation you might have a lot of turnovers or 3 and outs so they aren’t on the field that much.

Man, you’re in a good spot. It sounds weird to me because I’m high on all these guys, but I think I sit Mixon also.