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Which RBs to start and who to possibly trade?


I am currently the owner of:


  • Todd Gurley
  • Lamar Miller
  • Doug Martin
  • Jordan Howard


  • Julio Jones
  • AJ Green
  • Sammy Watkins

First off, I need to start three out of the four RBs

Second, should I trade one of my RBs away for a WR to balance talent out on my roster with Watkins not producing? If so, who so I trade away and who should I go for?


Dude trade doug martin Keep jordan Todd and lamar


If you need to start three RBs, I don’t trade any of those guys away.


The reason I need to start three is because I don’t have another reliable WR that I could put at the flex


Then I’d probably try to trade Lamar for a strong WR. Houston’s defense is hurting, if they play from behind they throw a lot, so I think Lamar has less upside. But he still has trade value.


Whichever team in your league needs a RB the most, then compare which is an equal trade for one of their WRs. If you want their best WR, odds are you’ll have to give your best RB.


If you only need to start 2 receivers then I still don’t think I make the trade. I would rather start one of those RB’s in my flex every week and leave your two stud WR’s in all the time


I’m with Trex. I’ve never had much faith in Miller and you can probably trade him for a solid WR 2. I’ve bought low on Jeffery in two leagues, maybe aim for him?


OK, I’ll probably just not trade. I’ll have to start Watkins or someone off waivers this week no matter what because AJ Green is on bye and a trade won’t go through in my league until next week. After this week, I can start AJ and Julio and have a flex be one of my RBs.