Which RBs to start?

I need to start 2 of the following 4 RBs in a standard scoring league. I have them listed with the ballers rankings for the week so I am going with their recommendations for now unless someone else has better insight.

James White #16
Sony MIchel #18
Gus Bus #19
Coleman #20

Currently in a 4 way tie for 1st but with highest point total of the 4. PLaying the 5th place team that is 1 game back but has a higher point total. I am currently projected to win 112-99. I ha da similar projection last week and lost 137-54…

I am already starting James Connor. just lookign for my #2 and flex.

James white seems the safest to me in ppr but I’d go Sony in standard, should get 18 or so carries

This is a headache I feel for you man! Personally i think you need to get someone in vs the Jets and i don’t think Michel or White will drastically outscore the other but if Michel is all the way back he could see 20+ touches in this game as the Jets can’t do much vs the run.

The Gus bus is a high risk play but vs Oakland he could repeat or better last weeks effort, or he could get 4 carriers we just don’t know. Coleman is interesting again as another high risk, as he’ll get passing work and could get a receiving TD or even 2 if they get near the goaline he is a threat there but he wont do much if anything on the ground.

I’d personally go Michel for sure and the other RB i’d go Coleman and get a piece of what should be a shoot out. If you wanted to roll the dice with Gus though you are braver than me but the upside is there

Yea its just really frustrating to log into the rankings and basically all 4 of my RBs are listed in order.

Probably just going to roll with White and MIchel since the White Michel Connor combo was dominant for me in the middle of the season until Michel went down. Although they all pooped their pants for me the last couple weeks on my 2 game losing streak.

I picked up Gus more to just see what happens this week with him

Yeah having a tight group is annoying i agree. I don’t hate that call, i only worry that White could be scripted out a bit as they just wont need to use him a lot - then again this is the Pats so will probably flip this on it’s head and give White 15 carries and 2 targets and Michel 10 targets and 5 carries!

Gus is a bench if you can help it which you can and Coleman is a risky play and bench because you could be kicking yourself tomorrow looking at 22 points on the bench from him. Tough call but you’ve minimised the risk in my view so i don’t mind it at all

White. Gus might not even see a snap next week, you just can’t trust one week of solid utilization unless they announce him as the starter. Coleman has had all the opportunity but it hasn’t been jaw dropping. Sony Michel isn’t used as much as White and that is a fact. Burkhead is rumored to be returning and Big Bad Bill won’t place his more talented rookie RB bruiser in harms way when he’s banged up and they are a playoff bound team.